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Looking for another success story

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by juanle455, Jun 5, 2014.

  1. juanle455

    juanle455 Registered Member

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Are you passionate about the Internet, about business, about entrepreneurs? Do you love to learn, to push your own boundaries? Are you looking to do something that matters and to make your life and the lives of others better?

    If you said yes to the questions above then you might be a good fit for a new opening at Conseev.

    We bring in only the most inspired, talented, HUNGRY people in the
    world of online marketing. Together we're creating a business unlike
    anything out there today, a company that impacts and enhances the lives of
    entrepreneurs, marketers, and business owners.

    But before we get into too many details about us, let's talk about you. If
    you're going to fit in our team you need to be something like this:

    You have a need to make a difference, to have an impact with the work that
    you do

    You want to be involved in a business that makes great money and
    gives you freedom to travel and enjoy life

    You seek adventure, and want to create a business around your
    lifestyle (not the other way around)

    You're willing to challenge the status quo, buck conventional wisdom,
    and even break the 'rules'

    You are driven to learn new skills, engage in challenging
    conversations with smart, successful people, take risks, be bold, and explore
    new territories.

    You thrive in a fast-moving, multi-faceted work situation

    Let's do a quick check -- still with me?


    Here's a little about me:

    I've been in the software business for over 15 years and the online marketing
    game for over 8. I started my first business at the age of 18, have worked
    with (and for) multiple Fortune 500 companies including Cargill, General Mills,
    and 3M. I have launched and grown multiple companies to seven figures and am in hot pursuit of adding another zero to that figure.

    I focus on creating businesses that are automated, scalable, and let
    me live the lifestyle I want -- traveling with my family, meeting and hanging
    out with amazing people, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

    Working (and playing) with incredible people is one of my highest priorities,
    and helping those types of individuals achieve their goals is important to
    me. That's why I'm so excited to be assembling a rockstar team of the best
    and brightest, not only for our own benefit but to make a difference for other
    entrepreneurs as well.

    Three years ago I posted almost the exact same job ad and ended up hiring an amazing individual that met this description:

    ?To anchor all of this, I need someone that can help me get my arms around
    everything. There are simply too many opportunities and too many threads
    running for me to keep a hold of them all. I need someone that can learn how I
    work, how I think, and help drive projects to become profitable businesses.?

    He met and exceeded that need in every way. Since then he?s moved up, steering entire businesses himself. And now he?s taking the next step, moving to oversee multiple businesses. Which is leaving a big gap, a gap that has OPPORTUNITY written all over it.

    Is this the opportunity YOU have been waiting for?

    As mentioned before, the pace is fast and the projects many, so you'll need to
    be organized, quick to think, analyze, decide, and act, and able to take the
    reins yourself. You also need to be prepared to handle all kinds of random
    tasks that may come up -- we're not into rigid job roles, and sometimes things
    just need to get done.

    Specifically, you'll be:

    Taking the lead role on projects including enhancements to existing
    systems, creation of brand new systems, and developing sales funnels/processes

    Interacting with customers, partners, vendors, contractors, and just
    about anyone else you can imagine via email, phone, and Skype, and even in

    Identifying and implementing processes/systems wherever necessary

    Researching and analyzing markets, tools, vendors, trends

    Negotiating, hiring, purchasing

    Asking questions and challenging assumptions

    Here's what I think you'll need to be awesome for this job:

    Some kind of project management experience. You need to be able to
    lead, make decisions, keep everything organized, and make sure nothing falls
    through the cracks

    Some internet marketing experience. This could come in many
    different forms, but the main point is that you have some exposure and
    knowledge of online marketing. Social media, PPC, SEO, email marketing, etc.
    The more jargon you're already familiar with the better.

    Initiative and the ability to drive work on your own. If you don't
    have the motivation to push projects to completion, this is not the job for

    Office application experience. We use Google Docs quite heavily, so
    knowing that would be ideal.

    Can-do attitude. You need to be able to figure things out on your
    own, leap over stumbling blocks, and be willing to pick up a task and DO it if
    no one else is. We don?t use the word ?impossible? around here much.

    Be somewhat tech savvy. You don't need to be a coder, but technology
    use is ubiquitous throughout all our businesses and you need to be able to
    learn and use new tools quickly.

    Here's a list of things that would DISQUALIFY you for this position.
    Seriously, if any of these describe you, you will be miserable in this

    Need a traditional job with regular 9-5 hours and a cube. (this job
    has massive schedule/location flexibility)

    Need to be told exactly what to do

    Need to be stepped through any task before tackling it

    Need help overcoming unforeseen obstacles or problems

    Unwilling to do anything that's not in your job description

    Don't deal well with a rapidly changing environment

    Don't deal well with lots of different projects at once

    Prefer repetitive work to new challenges

    This job does not require travel, although you will likely be offered the
    opportunity to come along to some events/conferences/seminars to meet awesome
    people, do some networking, and fit in a little partying. In the past 6 months
    I've been to San Diego, Las Vegas, LA, Sacramento, Denver, New Orleans, Jamaica, Japan, and numerous islands in the Caribbean, all for business. This is a chance for something
    that's more than a job -- it's a business and a lifestyle.

    If this sounds like a dream come true, here's what you need to do
    (EXACTLY this, in this order):

    1) Visit the following link, and fill out the required information:


    2) Make sure you complete the subsequent forms and questionnaires that will appear. You?ll know you?re done when a ?Success? screen loads with no further options to continue.

    3) Check your email regularly for a message from us.

    We will consider applications on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want
    to jump on this opportunity to work with an amazing group of people,


    Click on the link, send us the information, and make this happen now.
  2. spoiledbacon

    spoiledbacon Power Member

    Apr 21, 2014
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    the content is too long to read :|
  3. Asif WILSON Khan

    Asif WILSON Khan Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 10, 2012
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    Fun Lovin' Criminal
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    Why are you directing people to that form and not your website?


    I can understand you wanting to keep recruitment costs to a minimum but you will have better success posting what vacancies are available.

    Also as this is a Job, a few details about remuneration would be greatly received.
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  4. Asif WILSON Khan

    Asif WILSON Khan Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Nov 10, 2012
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    Fun Lovin' Criminal
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  5. BuildMoreLinks

    BuildMoreLinks Jr. VIP Jr. VIP Premium Member

    Jun 7, 2012
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    what is this, a WSO? I really fail to understand the purpose of this thread.
  6. Trepanated

    Trepanated Supreme Member

    Sep 18, 2010
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    Has a $10 Million business

    Can't afford to pay for a job advert.

    Writes job descriptions like a 'Become a millionaire instantly' squeezepage.
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