Looking for an script coder + ecover designer (next 48 hours)

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    I need some things done in the next 48 hours:

    1) Someone who can customize or build an easy guestbook script for me.

    I saw this lately on another site. I need a simple IP guestbook where the users can leave their comments. After leaving the comment, it is visible to the user and the user should think that it is visible to everyone. But every user should just see his own comment except those comments created by the admin.

    2) I just have a simple "Don't leave this webpage script" at the moment and I want a more advance one with sound starting automatically like here on sportsbettingchamp.com

    3) Someone who can create a script/bot for me which scrapes facebook IDs automatically (more details trough PM)

    4) an eBook cover designer

    Instant payment via PP
    Please reply via PM !