Looking for an Apprenticeship at a Used Car DealerI am looking to open a used car dealer i

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    I am looking to open a used car dealer in Philadelphia. I have always been a car enthusiast and have an interest in the auto industry, but up until now my background has not included any experience operating or managing a car dealer.

    I would like to find a used car dealer in the Philadelphia area where I could apprentice for a short period of time, say 3-6 months, to learn all aspects of operating this type of business, including obtaining business insurance, acquiring cars, offering warranties and service contracts, auto tags, offering financing for cars, etc. I am willing to work for very little money or even no money with the understanding that I would be shown how to manage all aspects of the business rather than just being a junior salesman at a used car dealer.

    If you own a used car dealer and are willing to take me on in such a capacity or you know how/where I could find this type of opportunity, please post here. Thank you.