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    I am looking for affiliates for my recently launched e-book "How To Successfully Start A Wine Business"

    Brief description:

    The wine industry is rapidly growing in the USA, more and more people are looking into starting their own wine business. This guide is exactly what they need, it is very fool-proof and goes through basic topics as well as some of the most complicated aspects of wine industry. It is a must read for anyone interested in wine and entrepreneuership.
    We wrote this e-book with a puprose to educate everyone ? beginners and advanced wine makers to become a success story in this niche, because it is more than just a business ? it is a way of living!


    * Product is placed on Rapbank marketplace which means you will recieve instant payments to your PayPal when the product is sold through your affiliate link!

    I will create a custom affiliate banner to fit your website/ blog upon request!

    Here is an example banner:


    I am not sure if I can post the link to the rapbank page here, so if you own a wine related website/ blog feel free to PM me and I will answer any questions and give you links to rapbank product page and sales page, also we can arrange the banner creation deal.

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