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    Now when I'm confident that I have a quality product I'm actively seeking for affiliates.

    I've been in the entertainment niche for years, and it's one of my favorite. Why? Because it's very, very easy to generate traffic and you can start making sales in no time.

    Over the past 2 years, I have been promoting these kinds of products heavily, but issues such as the high refund rates often minimized my earnings. I decided to create my own movie product, for which I worked on meticulously over the past few months, In order to make it superior to the competition.

    You might notice that the sales page design is a bit subtle and understated, however this type of page actually out-converted the flashy-design sales pages that these products normally have. And I split tested 5 completely different version of the sales page. Don't be surprised of the unconventional design of this product, it is proven to convert (tried and tested).

    The refund rate is low, and currently I'm preparing some amazing bonuses to make it even lower.

    The conversion rate varies, but it all boils down to your promotion tactics.
    In my ppc test the product converted in 100 with direct linking while sending semi-targeted traffic.

    Using free traffic the conversion rate is around 200-250 which is quite high for this niche. Non-converting visitors are sent follow up emails, after specific interval, in order to maximize the earnings.

    One thing that truly sets this product apart from the others, is the membership area to which the customer gets access to after the purchase is made. All movies are hosted on a dedicated video hosting. All movies are streamed via adaptable streaming technology. We are licensed to provide the movies. It's 100% legal. Currently there are over 1050 movies, and around 20 new movies are added every week. This is a lot more than any other similar product on the market!
    If you're in this niche, I urge you to try this product, or at least split test it with the existing ones you're promoting.

    Plimus is the affiliate network/payment processor used for this product.
    Product Info:
    To promote this product use the following invitation link:http://secure.plimus.com/jsp/developer_login.jsp?affReqId=DAF9E5881A4C519C
    The Plimus product ID of this product is: 816270
    The Plimus contract ID of this product is: 3039072
    Payout: $ 28.33
    Affiliate Material: http://capitalflix.com/affiliates/

    I have provided an extensive set of banners in all dimensions in the affiliate area, as well as a few articles that you can use. Tell me if you want me to add anything extra.
    All things are set in motion now, as I work to improve the product even more.
    Give it a shot and you won't regret it!
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    Click N' Bank


    Well, i have done very good with capitalflix in past few of months wen it was on Click Bank. I have been doing good with other CB products too. But as for now its no more there on CB So, i am using other alternate (those are also going well)

    Anyways for you i have one simple question. do you have direct affiliate program or any other alternate? i can not go with Plimus. (there are some problems for me with plimus so i do not like to use plimus as affiliate) do you have any other option for that

    PM me we may discuss it.

    Thanks :)