Looking for affiliates for upcoming sport app!

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    Hey guys.
    I'm looking for affiliates for new sport app coming up in October.
    Let me tell You how it works.
    The app allows the people who have the app to play the game in real time as they watch on tv or even at a stadium.
    What if they could download and app that they could play on their device while they watch the game?
    What if they could also interact with the pro who plays the game. Or a movie star or whatever?
    The app lets you play with and against others,
    meaning it ask a question and then you decide what you think the teams next play will be or who will win the coin toss etc.
    You win points when you are right.
    Those points as they build up will get you prizes not money but prizes so it is not gambling.
    So now I have invited several people to do the same thing I am to tell others about this cool new app.
    The app comes out in October!
    So lets say I invite Tom and Tom loves the app and is a soccer nut and he decides through the app to invite some friends. I did the resarch they will on average invite 7 friends. It will be able to invite through social media.
    Okay now lets say 3 of those friends do the same and invite more friends..
    soon you have 1000's of people playing the app and You get paid.
    And we only know Tom.
    Affiliate gets paid per token a player played. No matter if he got it for free by watching add or purchase it. He gets 0,10$ from each token. You can just invite players but I have invited players and those who wants to make money too.
    It only cost me 29.99$ one time fee to become affiliate.
    If You decide to invite other affiliates also, You get 0,05$ from their player's tokens.
    The app is free to download and to play for players, if they want they can buy tokens. We get paid not matter if they use free tokens or paid tokens.
    Even if the app will be just a little good You can make lot of money anyway. If You put an effort to find affiliates and players of course.
    If anyone is interested please mail me [email protected]
    I'll answer all questions. You DON'T have to give me any information except Your name and mail to make You join my team. Once You see the thing is legit You will decide if You want to become an affiliate. You can get an invitation only through code I send to You.

    [email protected]

    Important: Affiliates won't be able to join a week before the app will be up.

    You guys know it way before it's even ready lol. Big thing.

    PS. If someone doesn't want become an affiliate but he would like to got an invitation to the app he can mail me too :)
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