Looking for affiliates for unique SEO Tool 33% cut - up to $55 per sale. Very popular.

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    I am looking for affiliates for Autofill Magic.

    So far Autofill Magic have only been marketed here on BHW. The feedback is very positive and our customer base and reputation is growing.

    To learn more about the tool please see the BST thread.

    In the SEO world there is a demand for a tool that can build quality tier 1 links. Autofill Magic is a unique tool that can do just that. That is a great selling point and if you have a platform where you can recommend Autofill Magic, then there is a good chance that you can make some extra cash as an affiliate.

    We offer 33% of any sale to our affiliates
    . This goes for subscriptions too, so if you refer a subscriber you will get a cut on every reoccurring payment.

    So far Autofill Magic have only been marketed here on BHW. So there is a lot of Internet marketeers who do not know about Autofill Magic yet.

    Will you be the one to tell them and make some money at the same time?

    See more here

    Please provide any feedback in this tread.