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    Hi everybody,

    We are looking for a couple of high quality affiliate that can drive good( and a lot of ) social media/ internet marketing / small business traffic to our software.

    You might have seen the software around the forum, we have a BST thread here so you can check it out, it's a social media scheduling software that can schedule updates on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn and also automate most of the marketing stuff you can do on all of these like auto follow, unfollow, comment, find, join and leave groups, re-pin, like and so on. It's pretty much a all in one tool for social media.

    If you've got a nice email list of internet marketers/ social media , a blog with a lot of subscriptions or any other way of getting high quality traffic that will convert that would be great. This software is ideal for small business, anyone having a blog or trying to do a living online as it helps with all the social media stuff and it saves a lot of time.

    As for the affiliate details:
    - we pay 50% of all sales for each new client for the first 6 months - this includes license + any extra modules bought (we have a couple of extra modules that extend the functionality of the software and that amount to a little over $100)
    - payments through paypal
    - $50 minimum threshold

    You can see full details on the affiliate page on our site or pm me.

    I do think that if you have a good source of traffic this could be profitable for both of us, so get in contact if interested ;)