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    Hi guys,

    I have a new client in a very special industry and while we build a new site and on and off-page SEO we need some quality 'buying traffic' for his present site. This guy has been duped before, so we need 1 or more people to work with us who are trustworthy and not out to charge high prices and run off, this is long term and will become a global project. We work for large clients so this is an opportunity to work for or with us to build our clients businesses with top customer service.

    I can tell you about the products and services my client offers loosely; commodity investments - specifics will be discussed when we find out more about you. We are targeting the UK, starting with London first.

    We are interested in hearing from you if you can help increase targeted traffic via the following streams;
    Adwords or other recommended PPC
    Social Media
    Other recommended advertising for quality leads

    This is about quality not quantity

    Look forward to hearing from you and please remember i will be asking for a portfolio and proof of your work