Looking for advice on paying outside of upwork. Thank you for your help.

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    Hi there,

    I am currently looking for some cheap content writers in upwork and wondering if I can pay them outside of upwork without much risk for both client and freelancer (worker). I am new client and a ban would not mean much to me I guess. But to be fair, I want to ensure that the workers are also safe. I would never fuck them over but they don't know me and they need a reasonable safety net. The motivation for me is not to pay ridiculous fees and also not so support greedy corporations. But since I am new to the platform upwork, maybe someone can point out the advantages and disadvantages of paying on upwork and outside of that. I know that it is against their TOS and accounts can get banned or whatever. I am looking for ways to have a fair trustful relationship with the worker without paying on upwork and the risk of getting banned or scammed especially for the worker. I want to pay the worker through paypal, if possible, without the possibility to reverse the payment. I simply want to pay the worker, if I am satisfied with the work, he has done.

    Would be nice if someone can point out the issues, advantages, disadvantages, tips and so on.

    I appreciate it :D
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    trust is not an issue in case of repeat orders
    if you become a regular client for any worker he can definitely trust you through any payment modes
    you can start with daily payment and move on to weekly payment as per your convenience
    even the workers would prefer to work outside upwork to avoid fees
    the only risk is of losing the account and you are not concerned with that so its worth it

    But from ethical point of view why would even use upwork if you don't want to pay the fees. There are many platforms including BHW who doesn't charge any fees for hiring freelancers. You can post a thread in same section to find someone.

    P.S your thread is in wrong section
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    don't mention paypal on the chat, type something like, "whats your $kyp€ username?" and keep chatting outside the platform, make some type of roleplay on the chat telling you're not interested or somestuff so you can come out clean and keep the contractor with you. I've worked on upwork and yeah the fee's are really bullshit, the only thing useful there are the quality of the jobs posted and the type of clients. As a service for freelancers it's horrible, but there's not a freelancer platform that its geared towards freelancers its all on the side of the client, i went to people per hour because the fee its less harsh than upwork and you can do some stuff like fiverr in there.
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    I would, my skype is live:ubetting_2
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    Why not just hire a freelancer on this site and avoid upwork altogether?