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Looking for advice on my SEO campaign

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by jxiong2012, May 2, 2014.

  1. jxiong2012

    jxiong2012 Regular Member

    Sep 18, 2013
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    Need some advice some SEO guru's.

    Currently I am using GSA SER to put links into my main website. I heard this should not be done, but you should create Web 2.0 site on wordpress and put articles there.

    So my campaign will look like this now,

    1.Create Wordpress website
    2. Put 1 article with 1 link to my main site on there
    3. Use GSA to put links onto the wordpress site
    4. GSA to put tier 2 link onto the first ones for the wordpress site

    Will this work for a 14k MS niche? I will be writing 100% unique articles 400 word minimum myself since I am an expert in my niche.

    Any comments and advice you guys can provide me would be greatly appreciated!
  2. platinumcent

    platinumcent Regular Member

    Apr 9, 2014
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    Yes you are right. Dont use automated linkbuilding for your main site. Follow this method:

    Tier 1:-

    Step 1:-

    First of all what I am going to do Is get some articles written for my backlinks campaign, To start of with I will go with 15 unique articles, the length will be around 400 words, the article should be some what at readable quality.You can use spun content aswell but If you can afford It its best to use unique content for your tier 1 links. If you are looking to spin them do It manually and make sure they are atleast readable, for article spinning the best tool is The Best Spinner, that's what i use but there are many other options available aswell so look around.

    Step 2:-

    Creating Web 2.0s

    In this step I am going to make some web 2.0 blogs on some of the high pr platforms, like blogger, wordpress, tumblr, weebly. I will atleast make 6 to 8 web 2.0s to start with, these blogs will atleast have 3 pages each on them, 1 post will be about my niche with a link pointing to my site, 1 will be a about us or me page with no links and 1 short post will be random which will link to an authority site like wikipedia etc, or some authority site in your niche.Basically what we are doing here is to look as natural as we can so google can't detect that it's actually us who are making these blogs. you have to treat these blogs as small micro niche sites so make sure they look nice and on page optimization is good on them.

    Step 3:-

    Article Directory Links:-

    In this step I will post my article to some of the high page rank article directories with my link in the resource box, If you are spinning the content for this make sure It reads ok other wise they won't accept It.

    Step 4:-

    Social Bookmarks

    I will write about 25 unique descriptions about my site first, the length should be around 15 to 25 words no need to write long descriptions. After that i will register to some of the high pr social bookmarking sites with different usernames and post my links there.

    Step 5:-

    Doc Sharing Links

    I will convert 1 article into a pdf file and add my link in the footer and submit it to all those high pr doc sharing sites.

    Step 6

    Social Signals

    Now we will be needing atleast 20 facebook likes, 20 twitter tweets and 20 stumple upon submits to our site.

    Tier 2

    (This will be semi automated and we will be using some tools for this)

    100+ Do Follow Blog Comments To Web 2.0s
    300+ Social Network Posts To All Tier 1
    5000 Wiki Links To All Tier 1

    Some Of The Tools Which I Will Be Using Are Below:-

    Wiki Robot/Bomber
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  3. jxiong2012

    jxiong2012 Regular Member

    Sep 18, 2013
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    Hey, what happens if I already accidentally built some links to my website? Around 200
  4. ThatK1dB

    ThatK1dB Regular Member

    May 8, 2013
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    did you write this or is this a reference?