looking for adult cpa getaway


Jun 5, 2009
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i have an adult streaming site and I'm looking for something similar to Cpa.lead with a getaway
Do you mean somthing like Blackhat Codebreaker? Its creator is a member here. It works well
i know of codebreaker but i'm looking for a cpa that already allows that kind of stuff like when Cpa.lead allows tvshows and movies streaming sites
they pay up to 1$ for getaway which i think is low, i also checked their site and there is nothing that mention adult contents, are you sure about that?
I thikn you have to go with a codebraker. Looked into it some time ago and couldnt find a network that allows gateways on adult sites...
Marco737, thanks mate but for me codebreaker road is too hard and long, i don't have any site that could work for successfully applying to a decent cpa company also i think codebreaker isn't for free and i hove no idea how to fake the referral, i tried to find a step by step tutorial but didn't find any.
I was replying that adscend media is similar to c p a l e a d, not sure about the adult thing though.
Are any networks that allow codebreaker? I thought it was a BH technique that no one allowed.
no network will allow u to use BHCB...thats why u either fake or blank the referrer
BHCB + CPA Redirector

Or if your site runs on WordPress pay attention to WordPress Guardian and the upcoming Referrrer Guardian that is up for release in 2 of Dec.
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