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    Good luck all :D

    This is for any adult advertisers that have been accepted to Bing. NOT for Anyone curious about adult ppc or looking for keyword lists. You have to apply to Bing and get accepted, don't ask me their criteria cause I don't know. Company I work for is accepted and now I'm dealing with the data. That's all. No IM or PPC tricks, tips, clues, hints about anything having to do with that. If you have a list you can use it. If you don't you won't get one here.


    Now that I've finally got time to pick over bng's system, I have bazillions of allowable phrases and I'm about to automate the filtering process. I'm utilizing thousands now but there's still a lot of work to do. I'd like to know from other adult bng users what they try to get at when they pick over this deluge. How do we want to filter this flood? I know what I want and how I've done it manually, but I figured if a bunch of us brainstormed I could write in the next 6 months of revisions NOW and save all of us some time. And we will all have use of the app. To start I'm writing a quickie Excel filtering jobbie, not compiled: anyone can read the code and see that there are no secret calls home. Just lots of "this/not that", named ranges, advanced filters and copy paste (using my extrodinary coding skills) to get the phrases we want. I really just plan to screen this flood of info that's been dumped in my lap. XL now, plans for php etc once the xl part is solid.

    For example: if I wanted to advertise MILF. I'd filter for MILF, Mommy, Mom, mature, gram, and a host of others. That would leave me with waaay over 50,000 choices. But then (as adult webmasters know), I'd have to remove "Your Mom" as opposed to "My Mom", pick over Granny and Gram vs. Grampa. Very clear text comparisons but often you don't see them until you're picking over results of the past query.

    So. I'm planning an xl app where you paste your keyword list on tab one. Tab two has a column of positives ("your mom") and negatives ("my mom"). As well as any other pos or negatives. For me? "free" is ALWAYS a neg keyword :D

    This is a brute force filter app. Not elegant or special. Paste your list on tab one, go to tab two and click the button. Check the results, add some more pos/negs and click again. So far this will do me just fine. I'm asking what the rest of you want.

    Write it to a text file? Ability to add some delinators or bids to the strings? I really don't know. I'll repeat my initial proposal: I've spent time familiarizing myself with this data set and I'm about to code the shit out of filtering it. Input is appreciated. Source code will be shared.

    And a shoutout to my new bff, bng! So much better for us adult advertisers than the big g y'all. Really, really excellent. We are no longer the red-haired stepchild shoved out into the forest in a snowstorm with no coat. Better than what yho tried to do, better than that moldy, venal, lying, banning-for-no-reason big g itself.

    Oh, and Happy New Year BHW!
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