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Looking for a YT-Marketing-Pro with tools - german/english - good payment

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by Achiever, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Achiever

    Achiever Registered Member

    Dec 7, 2011
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    Hello there

    For a new Yóutubé campaign, our company needs professional blackhat help.
    We know alot of Blackhat-Stuff, too, however we need someone serious, to do it for us.
    It's not a too big thing, don't worry, but you should be solid.

    We want to start a new specialized secret guerilla campaign... only the chosen one will knew about it. ;)

    You should have good experience with yt-related tools and scraping.
    You should be ready to rumble/start pretty soon, so tell me what do you have in place to work with (tools,proxys,services)
    A good bonus would be, if you understand and speak german, but it's not too important.

    We need a big videolink list to be scraped with videonames sorted by category/keywords, that's the easy part - the second part is via pm.
    Also a keyword analysis is needed.

    We pay pretty well and we are open to work together for a longer time and in other areas too, if you show us something good.
    However we want you to be good with what you do and you should have experience.

    Just write us a pm to this account with your detailed application and we will respond pretty soon.
    Please don't send us standartized applications - be yourself and be open about it.
    Also tell us a little bit of your backround, what you did etc.
    Also we like just good information/inside stuff and will honor it.

    Don't work harder, work smarter ;)

    Ps: Also we need youtube accounts, prefeably older ones - or just shared ones - pay per account - just offer.

    Good Luck, all the best and have a nice day.
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