Looking for a WP Plugin to post and/or preview URLS in batches?

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    Nov 4, 2012
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    hey guys,

    anyone know of a WP plug that will allow me to enter a batch of video and image URLS i have scraped from a page and either preview them and/or publish them into a post?

    so although i'm scraping video URLS and using relevant tags , often many of the videos i download i do not wish to keep. why don't i just download the videos I want you ask? because I don't want to have to manually hand pick copying and pasting for hours.

    So rather than download videos i do not wish to keep from mass scraping i'm looking for a way to quickly preview vids by looking at them in preview mode or as a post .

    I could then simply remove the bad links and then proceed to download the good links with my downloader.

    i ask if there is a plugin or such simply because the Urls i'm scraping dont have embed code, otherwise i'd obviously be able to just copy and paste all of the embed codes in the post and i could see from there.

    hope some one knows of a solution