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Looking for a web designer, SEO person (with all tools), affiliate manager. UK.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by seeplusplus, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. seeplusplus

    seeplusplus Power Member

    Aug 18, 2008
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    I imagine many of you are familiar with finance product comparison sites such as moneysupermarket.com.

    Well I am currently developing a site which is the same, but for home improvements, as opposed to financial products like moneysupermarket does..

    I have a team of people who are professional cold callers. They all currently work full time right now doing this on a 100% commission basis here in the UK. Basically they call people to try and arrange for a sales rep to visit the customer in their home to try and sell them the home improvement products. They make good money (£250 - £1000 per week).

    If the customer allows a sales rep to visit them, then we all get paid. The customer doesn't have to buy, they only have to have the sales rep round.

    I have done this job myself for over 10 years so know the industry well.

    The site I'm developing will have geo targeted pages for every area of the UK, so if someone searches for “home improvement product x in area y”, that is what we need to rank for. The site (will have) very niche targeted pages/ie: one page for each small local town/suburb PER PRODUCT.

    I need a designer to make the site look cool, I'm fine coding the dynamic back end, but my CSS skills suck.

    I need an SEO person who has all the tools and who can convince me they know what they are talking about to get the pages ranked.

    I'm creating an affiliate system, each affiliate will have there own page to promote.


    So I need an affiliate manager who understands the affiliate market better than me, and who maybe can get affiliates to, but like I say, I'm sure there will be no shortage off applicants because of the potential income affiliates can earn.

    Everyone will be paid a commission each week. There is no minimum payout or any crap like that.

    The site needs potential customers to submit their name, postcode(zip) AND MOST IMPORTANTLY telephone number. The telephone number is imperative as my team is going to call them to try and get the sales rep round there (so we all get paid!).

    My cold callers can cover the entire UK.
    My sales reps can cover the entire UK region. They will drive to the customer's house and try to sell them the products in their home.


    Whats the current state of the project?

    Sales wise, if I was given 200 potential customers to call right now, I could have them all called by tomorrow, and the sales reps round to their home either that same day, or the next day (earlier the better). You would be paid at the end of next week, and each week afterwards for those that had the rep round (subject to a criteria).

    Website wise it's I estimate 2 weeks away from going live. I cannot give the URL for another week or so, but that isn't my main area of concern yet, finding good people to work with is.

    What's the pay/commission structure?

    Right now all options are on the table, but the affiliates will always be number one and they must be paid well. It's them which pays our wages remember. If we can get 1000 submits a week I estimate we will make around £1000 per week each.

    How do I know you won't rip me off?

    Every potential customer will have submitted their telephone number, why not put your phone number in and see if we call you to try and get the sales rep round (plus you can see it in your personal control panel). As the web designer, SEO person or affiliate manger though, you will be paid a commission on what the WHOLE site/business generates.

    Anyhow, it was a late night last night, so please ask any questions you have, I'm sure I've missed some important points.

    Please note I'm not interested in anyone who likes to hide behind instant messages services or email, this is a straight legit business. You will 100% straight and legit to. You will be responsible for your own taxes. We'll talk on the phone regularly. This is commission only, just as it is for me. Everyone is on commission.

    Basically for the business to succeed we need lots of site visitors to submit their name and telephone number so we can ring them up and get the sales reps round to their home.
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    Hello there :)

    Call me tomorrow morning: 07735175777


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    p.s. I am from Maidstone..
  4. seeplusplus

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    Aug 18, 2008
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    Just added you on Skype mate - bs.net.
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