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    I re-read the rules on posting, and hopefully it's ok to post this in the affiliate section. If it's not, apologies.

    I have a new project that I just opened which is related to the Internet marketing niche.

    My plan was to release it as a WSO, because it seems like they have a lot of "motivated" buyers there.

    However, I keep posting it as a WSO, and have been ready to pay the little $20 for it, but everytime I do, they delete the post and won't answer my questions about why.

    Everything is legit and on the up and up, so the only things I can figure are:

    * It's not a $80 ebook about how to build a squidoo lens
    * It's not a $29.99 special report about selling SEO services to your local car wash
    * It's extremely effective if people really take action on what I'm giving them
    * I'm giving away a TON of stuff that the market hasn't seen yet
    * I'm selling real use value for lower than other people are selling "motivational reports"


    Anyway, what I am offering is completely unique in the IM world, and I am doing something that nobody else is.

    I have other projects that I'm working on concurrently with this one, and I also need to make my own money outside of this.

    So, I'm posting requests on a few forums because I am looking for a few affiliates.

    I'm paying a 50% recurring monthly commission for all purchases (via paypal), and limiting sales to 200.

    And it may be something that people don't want to be sold. But I'm entrenched in my own income streams, so I am not worried, personally.

    If anyone has responsive lists related to Internet marketing/affiliate marketing/etc. and is interested let me know.
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