Looking for a specific tool, haven't found it anywhere.

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    The tool I'm looking for will do this -

    1. You type in the amount of searches per month on google you want it to search
    2. it provides you a list of all things searched within that searched amount

    Say for example I type in 480, I want this tool to show me all of the keywords searched within the 480 range over the course of a month. Think of the applications of a tool like this. I've searched everywhere and I've been unable to locate something like this, google keywords makes you search by relevant search terms etc.

    What I'm looking for is a list of keywords by searched amount over the course of a month.

    Also, I wasn't sure if this was the right area to post this, my apologies if this isn't the right area.

    If someone can help me with this I would be forever grateful.
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    You can use Key-Collector , and sort results by needed keywords by amount of search, or try pastukhov base - there bases of google searchs by dates and also, provided interface to sort results by amount. But in both cases u need to specify query.
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    Hi dude,
    I think key collector may help you.Key Collector is designed for collecting, analysing and organizing keywords for your websites. It can help you not only to get new and choose the best ideas for your campaigns, but also to keep an order in an easy way.