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    Hi Friends

    I am looking for a software coder or a group of coders or any software development firm, who can make a video player for us with below feature.

    ? Is for use on one computer and is not transferrable.
    ? Has a unique username & password for the client. Can provide multiple usernames / passwords for individual client at a discount.
    ? Is downloadable from the website.
    ? Plays the video clips ? stops, starts, pauses, freeze-frame, loops, can switch to full screen.
    ? Stores the purchased videos in a personal library.
    ? Plays the video clips from the personal library.
    ? As the clip is highlighted so the specific page from the Instructional Manual is displayed
    ? Allows for future additions of videos to the library.
    ? Secures the video clips from copying.
    ? Each purchase has a one-year license that has to be renewed annually ? the process stops after one year.
    ? Clients are reminded in advance when their license is about to expire

    Please PM me your best price and time required.

    Preference will be given to peoples who have itrader and rep+.