Looking for a skilled business partner outside of the US

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by rambolincoln, May 10, 2015.

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    Hello, was running a business a few years ago and we perfected a product and strategy that was netting us 15K USD a month. But unfortunately we were too ambitious, changing the product and processes too fast and everything fell apart. My partner got pregnant and moved away and took another job. I?m looking for a new partner who is highly motivated, who would like to build a business together. This will be OUR business.

    Lets talk. I will explain the business model and how it works, and if you think it is a good idea that you can give full attention to we will proceed. If you feel that it is not something you would like to be involved in, or can commit to, we will part ways. If we work together we will design a site, write the materials and advertise together.

    I am looking for someone:

    - Located outside of US & Canada
    - Highly energetic
    - Marketing skills ? You should hould have several years of marketing experience, experience with banner design, split testing, etc.
    - Webmaster skills in html and cms systems like wordpress
    - Adobe photoshop/Image editing sills
    - Good written and spoken English

    If you are interested in hearing more, send me a PM with some information about yourself. This will be a relationship between you and me. If we work together, we will need to work closely with good communication. We will need to build a relationship and trust.
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    Can you tell us why it's so important your JV partner is outside of north America? Seems like your method is online so I can't help but think you're trying to do something dodgy here. Please elaborate.
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    I'm in Japan and have offices in Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, and Vietnam. I'm good at everything you've mentioned, except HTML; but I have people who can do that for me. Hit me up on Skype: DVerial
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    Well, i do have those skills and from outside US.. PM me, more details..