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Looking for a seasoned manual link builder - ADULT CONTENT

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by G-S-T, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. G-S-T

    G-S-T Executive VIP Jr. VIP

    Jan 20, 2011
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    Full time IM
    Heavy in the game
    Im looking for a veteran link builder who knows all the tricks of the trade.

    Their job will be to look at all my competitors links and identify those which can be freely attained with a bit of manual work.

    Then you will need to attain those links by whatever means necessary. If for example there needs to be content written, you would need to either create it on the fly if its a short description or paragraph. Or you would need to communicate with a writer to come up with the content needed. I would pay for the larger articles. But shorter descriptions and such would be written by you when needed.

    If the link is on a forum for example, you would need to sign up for the forum, naturally build up a profile of posts and then secure the link by being as non spammy as possible.

    I prefer quality over quantity.

    Message me with your rates, hourly or per link or whatever and I will review your offer.

    Also, this for the porn niche. So be prepared to be looking at pornographic for most of the time.
  2. ankit03

    ankit03 BANNED BANNED

    Apr 3, 2016
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    OK so far as I get you, you want to replicate your competitor site links, if it's Facebook page link you need someone to create Facebook page of your site and make similar.
    Likewise if it's a forum backlink, you want to place your site link in same forum with actually first making few natural posts and then doing promotional post that won't look spam.
    I can write short forum posts as well as blog comments if needed.
    I am totally comfortable with adult niche.

    PM sending you in 5 minutes with my price.