Looking for a Pinterest Expert!

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    Hey all,

    I am not much into Pinterest, and thought I would leverage an expert from here, if you are not an expert, please don't send me a PM.

    Our dilemma: we have a small group of content providers (infopreneurs, authors, speakers) whose content matches Pinterest's female demographic. But they all have just a few visual assets - a .jpg of a book cover, for example, and a photo of them doing something - not more than that.

    Pinterest seems to consume visuals at a high velocity. We're unsure how to create and deliver them successfully in this environment. Can you help? If so how will you help?

    Your success at assisting will be counted by an increase in their Klout scores. If this is something you believe you can do/have done, please write with your estimated fee per two month campaign - A-Z.

    There are currently three accounts/people you will do this for, although there will be more if this works. We will provide you with unlimited access to their URLs, documents, visual inventory, whatever may be needed. You'll need to get their core message, figure out how to convert it to a Pinterest model, add visuals and post with whatever frequency proves optimal response for a period of two months per person. We will initially want all three to launch separately but simultaneously.

    Looking forward to your detailed solutions.
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    I will send you a PM just reply if your interested.