Looking for a Person to bring volume to my landing page and raise ranking on google.

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    So what I would like would be for my landing page to be on the top searches on Google and if possible to be above the main website. Is this possible? Second I would like volume to my landing page the niche is saving and making money. The product is 100 dollars and it gives discounts and free stuff. Based on a company in the united states.How much am I looking at? Please let me know if your interested and how much you would charge me.

    Thank you
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    Im not sure you understand what you are asking for. There are plenty of threads in the market place
    that offer ranking services, but without knowing what your actual target market is and the competition
    it is impossible to say how much it will cost or how much effort it would take to bring in the 'volume'
    you are looking for. And thats not even saying that the product will convert.

    You say your niche is making money but that is a very broad topic and a extremely hard market to
    get into and dominate.

    Nonetheless if you are looking for a custom marketing plan for a solid product pm me and I might be
    able to help out
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    Martin, Top rankings on google results doesn't come at a fixed price. There are a lot of factors to consider like keyword competition, your site authority, on-site optimization, your current backlink quality (if any).., just to name a few... I might be interested to work with you. PM me your URL and keyword. I'll tell you how much it'd cost and how long will it take to rank on top. Also, outranking the product vendor's website is possible, but it's going to cost much more. I'd suggest first to aim for front page or better yet top 5 or top 3 ranking. After you make some money from your site, you can invest more on heavy lifting campaign.