Looking for a partner or specifically a tutor? I am decent with ubot with references

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    *really a tutor not specifically a tutor,not a nice way of putting it :)*

    So I first found this forum over a year ago to have software made for me,nothing to do with IM,I received,node.js app,someone suggested I try ubot,which was not near complex enough for the project I had(Genuinely only a top class programmer with an in depth knowledge of graph search(breadth,depth) could do it,which I found luckily)

    references available on request of project work

    but I bought ubot anyway and have since upgraded to professional,I had no coding knowledge whatsoever but I have been using ubot to further analyze results generated from my project,

    so basically I have never learned IM,but I can give ubot a better reputation than a lot of people here would give it,true a useless ubot customer can make a useless program,it will be no node.js type program,but I can make good programs,not just filling in forms,programs with decent AI,I can make decent chatbots
    can integrate with eventghost,node.js(npm) or tasker etc to make decent actual software,that can help read massive amounts of data,instead of hiring a programmer to do that for you everytime you have a new idea

    Can my services be useful to anyone?
    I have too much free time,and if I could learn something,I would be more than happy to build you something,and I will have plenty of suggestions on what I can build to help get a better reading of data etc

    *I dont want to get involved with real seedy stuff like adult sites or chatbots for adult sites*other than that I can do you proud :)

    thanks for any help or advice,
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