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Looking for a mentor to help with a small portfolio of sites which I've neglected.

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by silence, May 23, 2015.

  1. silence

    silence Newbie

    Mar 17, 2010
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    Hi guys. 1-2 years ago I was buying quite a few sites off Flippa. I ended up not having the time to learn and work on them, and probably didn't get great deals on all of them either. But now I have the motivation to put some work into them and try to make my wasted money more worthwhile.

    I'm looking for someone who would be willing to privately (email, chat, PM etc) go over how I can get the most out of them, be that selling them or whatever. Or even just telling me 'theres no point working on this particular site'. The current scene of web marketing is so overwhelming I just don't know where to begin.

    I'm not looking for any get rich quick scam services, just someone who will give me honest advice.

    I have scrapebox from a year or 2 ago if that's at all useful any more.

    I am willing to spend some money, but I just don't know what on or how not to be wasting it.

    I am willing to come to some agreement to pay for advice if you want, but that would be an agreement based on an actual increase in revenue.

    So message me if interested or post here, and I'm willing to give further info about the sites such as URL, pageviews, clicks, etc just not in this public thread.

    Overview of sites:

    >Wallpaper site - makes about $100-120 per month from adsense. I haven't touched it for a year, not sure how to get new content that I add to show up in google. Do I spam links to the main site URL? Spam links to random individual wallpaper pages? Just sell the site for $500+ and put that into something else?

    >Wallpaper site #2 - domain is adsense banned. According to the seller (who may have just been a scammer), it used to make $150 per month from adsense. I have tried a few other ad networks and they either pay 1 cent per click or are just terrible in whatever way like having 2000 views and zero clicks. The theme is holidays, cruises, etc. Amazon may be a possibility somehow? I don't know what products to try though.
    My main idea for this site is to just permanent redirect to the 1st wallpaper site and merge all the content into the first site to get around the domain ban. Will I get site 1 banned if I do that? It might have been something else on the site that the seller did beforehand that got it banned, rather than have wallpapers on it...

    >Buzzfeed style viral site - this has some visitors from old articles via google and in the past had some high ranking pages linked to from buzzfeed, reddit and similar sites. I just don't know what content to put on it or how to improve the click ratio. Reposting C grade 'viral' posts and pictures just sucks and doesn't get much views or interest. It has adsense with some random placings, but this could be more efficient somehow. Needs ongoing content and backlinking to actually get interest? The site has a 20,000 Likes FB page associated, but even on a good funny picture that gets 50-100 likes only. Possibly all random fake indian accounts.

    >A small niche amazon 'review' type site which used to make $5-10 in commissions per month and $10-20 with adsense. The page views are low now and it isn't in the main page of google results any more. Possibly not worth much more effort, or is it?

    >2x amazon ebooks which I own the rights to. 1 of those made about $2000 in profits last year, now it sells 2-3 copies per week. Is there any more steam in that if I promote it somehow? The other book was a dud from the start, but maybe salvagable? Successful one is a dark mage fantasy story, unsuccessful one is a s*xy romance story. With the new amazon unlimited thing with kindle ebooks I guess I might be out of luck here.

    >A social networking 'Likes' selling page. The seller swore that it sells hundreds of $ per month in twitter/instagram likes but I spent $200+ to advertise on some related sites and never had 1 single sale. This site cost 600 or so. Is this a joke or can I actually make money from it somehow?

    >A niche page about a recreational sport with a 15 year old domain. I converted the old articles from a 15 year old html site to a wordpress site with cool photos etc. It sells some ebook style content which was from 15 years ago and unique to the site. Adsense makes a few $ per week, and there is maybe 1x$10 ebook sale every few months. That site cost $600 I think, due to the aged domain I am not sure whether to just sell it or is there any more potential. It will take years to make back the money I spent at this rate. It has decent rankings for some terms but I don't know what else to do with it.

    So thank you for reading, and anyone willing to give me some specific help on how to work with any of these sites?
  2. maxedgames

    maxedgames Regular Member

    Jul 30, 2014
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    Canada, Eh
    I am willing to offer you some advice / help you out with your 'buzzfeed' viral site, I myself own a 'Trending Viral News Website' perhaps we can help each other out. Skype me if you want to talk more about it:)