Looking for a Marketing Partner for Mailing and Hosting Servers

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by TheSlugClub, Jun 15, 2009.

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    Apr 7, 2009
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    God, Im lousy at marketing. I'm loosing 90% of my clients just because I can't talk like marketing people do.

    What am I good at? I setup servers and manage them beautifully. I am a bit of an artist when it comes to setting up servers. I never miss out even the finest of details.

    I setup rock solid email servers and I do have many clients here at BHW and at DP who are quite happy with my work. I setup and manage hosting servers, specially made for blogfarms and other automated sites, forums, video sites etc. I can also setup VPS on Xen, OpenVZ and Virtuozzo.

    And I am really lousy at marketing. Well, you can't do everything yourself.

    I need a marketing partner.

    The ideal marketing partner could be already running an internet marketing company with a lot of clients who would be having this requirement of servers for emailing and hosting quite often.

    I can answer any questions apart from the financials here on the thread. For the commercial part, you could IM me.

    YIM : the_slug_club
    AIM : jaguarslug
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    Dude you rock. You setup my server good. But when I restarted I think the settings got messed up. I'll be your marketing partner for shizzelz.