Looking for a little bit of assistance on this one!

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by octane, Jun 16, 2010.

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    Hey BHW!

    Looking for a little bit of assistance on this one!

    I need some more ideas for advertising and marketing a lawn sprinkler and irrigation business. They do commercial and residential.

    The twist here is that it's an in-law's business, so I'm reaching out for some more advice. Normally I'd take it on myself, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask for some assistance here. Any and all suggestions would be awesome. Online or offline.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    Well for sure do a search for all the different business listings in the area and get them listed on those. Well the free ones anyway.

    Make sure you get their business listed on the Google Maps results. Look at this thread to learn more about that.

    Do regular backlinking but also include the local area and city terms along with the keywords. If someone searches google for 'yourcity landscaping contractor' or whatever is appropriate for that business, you want to be sure your in-laws site is in the first results.

    Be sure to make a decent website designed to get people interested in their business. Include the website address in EVERY bit of local advertising the company does. Business cards, flyers, newspaper ads, etc. everything should have the website on it. When someone takes the time to look at it after recieving a flyer or bus. card, make sure the website is going to give them some 'warm fuzzies' about dealing with that business.

    If you have the time also create myspace and facebook pages. have them assign someone from the company that you can put to work adding friends on those sites. Teah them how to search for only local profiles and send add requests. Set up the pages so they are promoting the business and directing the friends to visit the business website via links on the profile pages. A lot of people might think myspace is dead, and to some extent it is for big IM projects, but there are still a lot of people on myspace. Especially people that are interacting with friends that are local.

    Basically you want to try making sure that anyone doing a localized search for businesses in your area is going to find the website.

    Those are some of the things I do whenever I make websites for local businesses.
    Hope that helps and is kinda what you're looking for.
    wolf :cool:

    edit - for the type of business your looking for, also try finding other local websites like realtors pages, real estate listing sites, etc. and try to get an ad spot on those pages. They might be interested in reciprical links so they might not cost you anything. People that are buying a new home will be interested in landscaping type services and might take note of any they come across while doing their search for the new house.
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    for this kind of business I find that some old school marketing is good. postcards, door hangers, fliers, etc. in addition to the online stuff can be very helpful.
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    Craigslist under the services section.