Looking for a JV partner for a product launch - 50/50 profit split - $1,000/sale for you

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    Hi guys, my friend is looking for a partner (experienced IMer with few successful product launches). The offer is in self improvement + business opportunity + dating cross-niche.

    Target market:
    Gender: Women - single, divorced, or in bad relationship
    Age: 30-50
    Household income: $80,000+
    Geo: US, UK, Canada, Australia

    Please PM me and TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PRODUCT LAUNCH SUCCESSES. How much your biggest product launch made? Or what revenue do you think you can drive to this program (roughly) based on your successes in this niche.

    Send me:
    - what i asked above
    - your first name
    - your email address and Skype ID
    so I introduce you and she sends her landing page etc...