Looking for a host that allows unlimited sites

Question here.when some webh0st says that they offer free d0main forever. Does that mean that they offer free d0main till your are their member or does that mean it would be your d0main even if you will change your webh0st?

Thanks catman. Can you also elaborate this?
Thanks catman. Can you also elaborate this?

You get the FREE domain as long as you pay for the package that includes the free domain. with free domain they just mean that they re register your domain each year. That saves you about 10 bucks a year.


P.S. Thanks is always appreciated :)
Thanks a lot catman. so it means its always better to buy separate d0main?
... my advice is to take this very one free domain but use someone that is specified on registering like namecheap.com on all other domains.

However if you cancel your package you would either have to transfer your domain to the other registrar or pay they registration fee that your host is asking.
i can offer you unlimited hosting for a very very good price.

unlimited domains / emails / bw all the good stuff, pm for info
Namecheap is the one i do favor :)

Besides they have coupon codes each month ... just do a quick google search ;)
I use globat w/unlimited domains (but not subdomains) and bandwidth, but had to pay 2 years upfront. Gonna look into Hostmonster and Hostgator now.

I took my domains off of the Globat as they were a nightmare with customer support and tech issues. My email was down for several weeks but they kept telling me everything was okay, and they had me go through hours of support with no fix..... but they kept claiming that it was okay on their end. I even had friends attempt to resolve the email on their puters AND i also went to no less than 6 other NON-NETWORKED out of my house, out of my office and stand-alone puters with the same result. They finally fixed the problem over 7 MONTHS later after they upgraded their servers (i already moved my account but was paid up for remainder of my 2 year contract).

BTW. They did acknowledge that the email was finally fixed when they notified me of the upgrades.

thanx guys. This finger is 4 u ;)
which one would you recommend god*addy or nam*echeap ?

I have used godad*dy for all my domain purchases but will be switching to name*cheap because their prices are lower for some services (a few buscks here and there adds up) and they also lack the massive ADVERTISING that godad*dy has suddenly embarked on
http://tinyurl.com/4r7nh3 this website is providing 8$ per month , Unlimited domain host addon ,subdoamin ,ftp, and Database
I remember almost 2 years ago, one of the top internet marketers was warning everyone about GoDaddy removing one of his sites. However, I can't remember the reason.

Therefore, I use HostGator or Bluehost. I also register all of my domain names at Namecheap.
Yes, I avoid godaddy for that reason.
Guru was talking about Big spam accusation problems and their policy of extorting money from domain owners based on unverifiable complaints.
I need free server, my problem is that they do not have a credit card
need, Php, mysql,. htaccess, 100mb, 10G Transfer
is a site of articles, mainly in order not to lose pagerank

my bad english is bad :p:alcoholic
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'hostnine' is the best that I have found in a long time..and..you can have unique ip`s from about 10 different locations worldwide.
Costs about 20 bucks a month..
damn this thread has a lot of posts...

if you REALLY want a good host, hit up iweb.com

Unlimited band
600GB space
.99 domain
30 money back
100% guaranteed up time.
and alot of other shitt.

$8.and change first month (cuz of domain)
and then $7 something for the rest..

Dedicated servers are pretty cheap there too.
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