Looking for a Guy from America - Preferably Newbie Here

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    Oct 19, 2010
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    I am looking for an American, who lives in America atm. It doesnt really matter if you were born there, I am not looking for a Native English speaker, but a person who live in America right now!

    The task you have to do take an hour roughly, and you will be paid $25 for it.
    Payment depends on the successful completion of task.

    Requirements :

    Basic English (For communication with me! :D)
    Basic Knowledge in browsing.
    1 Hour of time.

    Drop me a PM with the subject "In Search of American - Location" Add your location there as well.

    If you are below 15 Posts, you may rather stand back to people who has more than 15. Not really looking for VIP members, and mainly looking for people with 25-50 post counts :)