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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by supramanneke, Sep 22, 2013.

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    As we all know, content is very important in SEO. Having your links spread out on sites that are about the same subject as yours, and surrounded by some on-topic content is the best way to get google to like your pages.

    There are some great services offered on BHW that do exactly that. Some of them have helped me in my goal to reach nr. one, and some have not. But, one thing seems to be always a problem : the content they create is always in English (or in some gibberish kind of language I don't even want to know about). So, my links are always surrounded by content, which is NOT in my language... Of course, this can't be good for SERPS, right?

    Now, I've been asking around a little bit with people who offer services here. And they all seem to say the same thing: most sites don't accept foreign languages...

    I want to find a service where I can have MY own created content (spun by a spinner in my language) used. So, my own articles can be spread around, wich will be a lot better, since they will really be on-topic to my website.

    Is there any one around here who would be able to offer this kind of service? That would be much appreciated
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    Depending on the language the cost might be prohibitive

    Why dont you scrape articles in whatever language you want
    manually spin them

    Then just get a list of the sites for that language

    Because you will probably be the only one doing it

    This should give you a big jump on the competition

    Im sure if there was enough demand for this service
    somebody would be willing to do it.