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Looking for a full-time email marketer to move to Silicon Valley

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by corporate-hire, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. corporate-hire

    corporate-hire Newbie

    Oct 29, 2012
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    Email Marketing Manager / Analyst

    We are looking for an energetic, creative self-starter who’s passionate about email marketing, data mining, data analysis and, of course, tech startups. The Email Marketing Manager will help drive our user acquisition and retention by developing comprehensive email strategies; leverage email marketing tools to develop email campaigns to maximize user engagement and prospecting; build our email lists; create data-driven, dynamic email campaigns and tests that deliver against ROI targets; drive and optimize key traffic and revenue metrics including CTR, open rates, engagement, and retention.

    The Email Marketing Manager is responsible for managing and successfully delivering email marketing campaigns, testing various offers and creative content, gathering and analyzing performance metrics, and driving revenue to reach marketing department goals. Primary duties include:
    1. Email Campaign Execution: working with Email Service Providers (ESPs) in both a full-service and self-service capacity to deploy email campaigns. Involves creating schedules, optimizing campaign assets using best practices, generating links, mailing campaigns, performing QA, and ensuring CAN-SPAM compliance.
    2. Reporting/Analysis: gathering and compiling performance metrics in easy-to-read reports. Analyzing reports to generate and implement strategies to improve list and campaign performance. Reviewing ESP reports to proactively address issues that may impact email delivery. Tracking revenue and costs to ensure profitability.
    3. Testing: conducting tests on new campaign and data sources and adding profitable campaigns to the schedule.
    4. List Building: acquire new targeted opt-ins via our website and via other email resources using best list building practices
    5. Data Management: importing and exporting data on a weekly basis, incorporating fresh data into the email lists, and ensuring overall list compliance.
    6. Data Mining: designing and testing various data analysis solutions to mine for business process information that have direct and measurable impact on Proformative business. Identify viable data mining opportunities and then implement end to end analytical solutions.
    7. Performance Analysis: measure web traffic and conversions, identify and test ways to improve main KPIs.
    8. Social Metrics: design email programs and web tests considering effect of social component and effect of social interaction on campaigns performance.

    The ideal candidate has demonstrated success in email marketing from concept to completion, excelled in managing high volume integrated email marketing programs for B2B audience or social web portals. Our new team member is results-driven with exceptional detail and knowledge around metrics, specifically A/B testing and ROI analysis.
    · 3+ years of email marketing and data analysis experience
    · Proficiency in Google Analytics and Excel

    • Basic knowledge of HTML, graphics editing, and FTP
    · Broad knowledge of existing data mining algorithms and creativity to invent and customize when necessary

    • Degree in communication, marketing, business, or other related fields

    Proformative offers a great earnings package, including competitive salary, stock options and comprehensive health care plans.

    We are located in San Jose, CA, so should you (relocation is welcome).

    Please PM me...