Looking for a file duplicator

whats wrong with copy/paste? Also, if you learn dos scripting, this shouldnt be a problem to do with a simple batch file.

I'm looking to duplicate a single file many times (possibly thousands). Copy/paste would take forever in this instance.
copy it once -- two copies.
then copy both copies -- four copies.
then copy all four copies -- eight copies.

and so on, and so on, and so on.

(course, you will have to rename the files to prevent overwriting... :D :D)
In the three hours in between your first two posts, and however many hours you spent looking for a program, you could have done the copy pasting and renaming lol. What are you wanting to do? Maybe that can help us find something more specific for you - I can't say i have any "copy and paste" programs on hand lol.
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