Looking for a data entry person with plenty of proxies


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May 19, 2009
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I am wanting to increase the number of social bookmarks on Delicious for my site. I have about 9k yahoo ids to do this with. You would have to clear cookies and ip's after ever comment, to gain the highest number of bookmarks. I am looking for reasonable pricing and time table, so just quote me and I will consider it.


so only 2 bids came from this thread...anyone else going to put their hat in?
hey, i think i can do this too,i am a IP provider. pm me with you detail thanks.
Hey i am also interested in getting same service, please contact me via PMB.
For everyone who doesn't understand this project here is the description.

The process is you log into delicious.com with your yahoo id (of which I supply), you bookmark a site (my site), write a little blurb about it, save it to bookmarks, log out, clear cookies and change proxies, and start again. Repeat until finished.

i have pmed you i can do it, i will write a temporary application for this in c# for my help, i can do in cheap pm me.
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