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    I am developer and I have few projects which I develop in the last weeks/months. My problem is, that I am not very good (and experienced) in promoting my stuffs/projects. The projects works well and from my view have also a potential, but I cannot get needed audience.
    I will give an example of app - codestrap.com - this is a website, where users can buy and sell their code. My plan was (and is) to make money on the little fee from each sale, but as I wrote above, I cannot get the needed audience...

    That's why I would like to ask you, if is here anyone who could give me a tip, how to get audience or be my partner, shoot me please message here or via PM.
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    It is very very hard to obtain the needed or to target audience on certain markets. Well established markets will not allow you to reach the desired penetration rate, unless you spend tremendous amounts of money.

    For the example you gave, my best bet would be to try and populate it yourself with fake/pulled out content from your competitors first, then optimize it for related LTKs, but I guess you need to target tens of kws.

    Minimum one year. You need to be there for a year or more... Complicated.

    P.S : I have a good idea regarding some niche I've studied in the past but did not manage to put it together and I am willing to share it in order to build it. It's pretty easy to "catch" daily targeted traffic of 15.000 clicks or more without Google using my twist. If you're interested let me know.
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    I think that there are other issues also why the site wont sell.
    It is targeted on coders site alone.

    What I mean: I often search quality coders or scripts, but visiting your site would me not lead easily to the scripts from interest. I mean sure, coders will find the things to post their stuff straight away. But If search simply a script for comparing member interests (for example) I would be lost on your site.

    It looks like you could get many coders offering their code very fast (if promoted), but the site itself wont convert very well on buyers side I assume.
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    this niche is already established by BIG dogs ...