Looking for a coder: Using Amazon API for S3 and CloudFront in delphi

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    My budget is $100, should be a quick job for the right person.

    You should have experience using amazon S3 and CloudFront or at least any CDN - content delivery service.

    What is needed description below step by step, has to be in delphi to work on my windows server:

    1. Upload a file to Amazon S3

    2 Check the file size or MD5 if its possible in Amazon S3 (we want to confirm the uploaded file to S3 is 100% successful)

    3. Invalidate the file in Amazon CloudFront

    For your reference here are the API documentations from Amazon:

    For Amazon S3: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/Welcome.html
    For Amazon CloudFront: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/latest/APIReference/Welcome.html

    When you are coding and testing, you can use your own Amazon S3 and Amazon Cloudfront account, sign up is free and no charge or I can provide a testing account.

    Any questions feel free to ask or send PM.

    We need to upload an .exe file, and set the permission accept everyone is able to download that file.

    The delphi program will be running on our windows server.

    Which auto upload our .exe file to amazon S3, set the permission to everyone is able to download.

    And then invalidate the file from amazon Cloudfront.

    This is an automatization of a task which is currently done manually.