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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by phrasion, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Ok, for the last month I've made some money with AC, but don't know what is happening now, that even although I create new accounts through new IPs and with clean cookies almost in a daily basis, 90% of my articles are being rejected for upfront payment because they claim the article was poor or with incorrect grammar and punctuation or whatever, even though I check and recheck most of the articles myself.

    I'm starting to pondering stopping with AC because is a lot time consuming and it is very hard to find cheap and good people for me to outsource it to.

    Which brings me to the conclusion that in this forum there are two absolute truths, one being that it is ridiculous to some people here being a member of this forum and not making money out of every single method posted here, and the other being that it is extremely hard and complex and time consuming to get a method to work and also that there is always two faces to a coin (well unless you have Harvey Dent's coin), it is obvious that both of this absolute truths are always in struggle with each other for obvious reasons.

    I'll be honest here, when it comes to IM, it is my opinion that this is not science, like computer science or particle physics, no, IM is like marketing itself, you need to feel it, you need to take risks in a hunch you have, and I'm not such a feelings person, I'm more of a logical, rational and scientific person, I consider myself a person with above average intelligence and a person who seriously condemns lazy people, and I also know that I want to spend the great part of the foreseeable future making my income for both me and my wife with IM, but atm, and since I lost my job, I've been spending the great part of my time making an income with the method that personally I thought was the easiest of making a quick buck, which was AC submitting articles, but I'm beginning to drown using that method, and am in a urgent need of a beginning somewhere else, and atm, I feel like I don't have the luxury of trial and error, because the bills don't wait on me and I currently spending 6 to 8 hours a day rewriting articles on my own, I need to start investing my time with something else that will turn into profit in a short time span and then on my own evolve from there.

    If someone here is available to coach me, I will be most thankful, I'm not asking it for free, we can talk about some arrangement in which I would share the profits or pay a fee for the method(s) you feel available to teach.

    Anyone willing to coach me, I should point out that I'm from Europe, as it seems that for some, being a US member is a requirement.

    PM me if some arrangement can be made in this regard.

    thanks in advance
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    I have been doing IM full-time since 2006 and I have amassed a huge fortune online. I strongly believe that perseverance is the key to Internet Entrepreneurship success. Feel free to PM me if you need any help.
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    You just bumped a 4 year old thread... I Hope you was more clever when you was making that huge fortune you have.
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    Lol, He is so successful that he didn't have time to see the date of the thread :D
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    to the huugely successful coach wannabe....

    neg rep well deserved buddy
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    Some newbies are so shy and reserved that when they do post they exaggerate and become maybe unintentionally economical with the truth...

    Unless of course readers can understand what this means - "I have amassed a huge fortune online"!
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    One thing that sort of gets to me is when people talk about how newbies are lying and all this and that without knowing the person for real or knowing if anything they even said is true or not. I am a newbie and I am far from internet riches but do you know how many times people accuse me of lying only to feel it for real once I have burned them with proof that I was not lying? Most people shut up and don't even know how to respond to me when I show them any proof I have. Consider this- You have no clue if the dude who commented was lying or not and what would you do if one day he sent you a legit posting of all his earnings with proof that he really did indeed make all that money and that he was not lying?

    Just because the dude made his account sometime this year does not mean he has not been internet marketing for years. I have been looking for different ways to make money and it was not until this year that someone introduced me to black hat world so I signed up. All I am going to say is if the dude did prove to you that he was making money I am sure that smile on your face will be wiped right off when you look like such a cheese head for calling out someone you believe to be a newbie without having proof if he is or not. Having a brand new account does not automatically make you a newbie to internet marketing. I know tons of people who make tons of money online and they make choices not to sign up for internet marketing websites for specific and personal reasons.
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