Looking for a buyer for my SITESLAMMER product/division


Jun 9, 2008
I have been neglecting the marketing of SiteSlammer (http://www.blogslammer.com/siteslammer.aspx) and am just feeling like I need to sell it off to someone that can.

This is not a tool sales thread but a business sales thread. (not sure where to post this).

It's a site generation tool that has sold over 25k in the past 12 months with minimal promotion.. Just from forum sales here and there.. I feel this can double easily for the right marketer... I am looking for someone to unload this off of me for 35k or best offer.

I will relabel it to your specifications, create the activation server on your host, and will do some finishing touches to make it the most advanced site/document generation tool out there.

I just don't have time to promote it and it really doesn't fit in well with my blogslammer suite of software.

Serious enquiries only. Sale will be done through escrow.com (fees split 50/50).

Also would consider a 60% buy in at 20K (you get 60% sales). You would have to be in charge of marketing it at that point but I will consider staying around for support...

Buyer must sign a release stating that they will not use the codebase for anything other than the siteslammer product in question.

Also, if there is a marketer out there that wants to market this as the SOLE affiliate at 25% of the sales, I may be able to work out a deal with you. You would be in charge of ALL marketing.. In return you will get a private label version that you can market directly and even create an affiliate program form.. (you must have some proof that you know what you are doing for this avenue.)

If interested, let me know. ALL OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED!


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I just realized that my asking price is a bit to high for a piece of software... I am just looking to unload it so any offer will be considered.. Will sell now for $7,000 to anyone interested and able to come up with the cash.

Please pm me with your offers. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY.
Rob - what language is the software written in?

It's .NET (C#).. Very easy and small codebase.... :)

Basically I will finish it up as it does have a few bugs and get it ready for you to sell...

I am offering a version WITHOUT source code but WITH MASTER RESELL RIGHTS for $3,500 obo. But for this price, I too will have master resell rights with it. What I will do is private label your copy to anything you want.. Any bugs that your users find, I will fix and put into both versions. I will even make the user interface look different and can add a few things to yours that is not included in mine.

Look if you build a site around your product and can bring in 100 sales in one month at 35 a pop, you can probably flip your site and product for at least 10k if not more.

I would also consider someone willing to sell copies in order to buy it on any forum. Meaning I will give you a special payment button which I can track and will put the sale toward the purchase of either master resell rights or outright purchase.

If interested let me know. I could probably sell 3500 in sales of this product on DP in one month pretty easily. I am just too busy to do this nor do I care to. My time and effort is on the rest of my blogging system.
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