Looking for a business partner who mass posts on Craigslist

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    Sep 19, 2008
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    1. I am looking for someone who is able to post at least 1000 posts per day successfully. Someone that maybe doesn't know how to capitalize on all that traffic, or works too hard to do it, or gets in trouble, or simply just wants to focus on posting and make good money, doing nothing else. The reason I don't do it, is because of the hassle of cl always changing, and playing the cat and mouse game.

    2. I need to post in particular category, not a VPA category

    3. No linkks will be directly promoted, everything by anonymous cl address replies. All CL leads will be emailed by me - NOT from the emails used to publish either. I have white listed domains i am mailing from and will promote my own networks links. The emails never go to someones bulk folder.

    You would not see these emails or promotions, and it won't matter, i'll pay you 50% of whatever i make and I can provide a contract to you that states it.

    4. I usually make about $200-$300 per 2000 responses from people. So if you can manage to post 2-3 times a day, 1000 posts each, we could make good money, as responses can be high compared to the ads posted, assuming you know what you're doing and they don't get flagged.

    5. Here's the only catch. You should be using gmail for your publishing email, publish all the cl links automatically, then hand the list to me in a formatted fashion for me to grab, with usernames and passwords. This takes some trust, but the only reason I need it is to collected all the responses throughout the day automatically with my software, and then email all the recipients.

    PM me only if serious and interested.
    I am not a scam artist (i dont need to run away with your gmails, gmails are cheap), and will show you screenshots of total revenue earned, starting the first day of postings, these can only vary with refunds. If i dont make anything, you only lost 1 day with me. Not the end of the world. But i can pretty much guarantee you will make money that first day, if you are a real posting expert. I am really looking for a long term business relationship, and will gladly give you my phone number to give me a call if you're very serious and wanna get down to business.