Looking for a 40-60 Affiliate Deal - I will help your site rank - Sales>$$$

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    I am a looking for a affiliate deal 40-60 (40 mine). But thats not it. What I am looking for is to promote and help you rank for keywords related to your product on google.com

    We can discuss about what keywords we should rank for and what keywords can give us more money. I am looking to promote sites which are 2-6 months old and which do not have much off-page seo done. I'll also help you with the on-page SEO to help site rank faster.

    I will only be using white hat techniques plus help you maintain the number 1 page spot also. If you have your products sitting then this is the time for you to come to me and get things started.

    But, I am also looking for a initial security deposit which ofcourse you can cover out by the sales$$. If you don't see any results within 15-25 days of me starting with your site then I'll refund your money then and there. I am really looking for serious guys who want to make money or have been making money through affiliate marketing.

    If you think I am a guy who can be worth $$ then contact me. I am available on skype a lot and I can really assure you that you'll be hitting page 1 for a lot of keywords. And if the sales are good, I am ready to re-invest with the my earned money through sales and promote other 20-30 keywords of your product and help them achieve higher rankings.

    If you are with me then contact me via pm or email [email protected] with your deal. And if I think Iand you can earn a lot of money out of it then I will talk to you and discuss the project details and what I have in mind regarding the seo!

    Let me know if anyone of you guys are interested.