looking for 2 j.vips and 3 writers for excellent opportunity

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    I have a site that is currently recieving anywhere between 150-300 uv per hour.
    It is a news based site taking the latest google and twitter trends as well as other hot topics and aggregates them along with other features and a forum.
    I would like to take the site to the next level along with some other members.
    This forum has given a hell of a lot to me and as such i would like to give something back as well as keep the site fresh with great content.

    What im offering

    I would like the following:

    1 jvip to assist with promoting and moderating the forum- the forum section is in its early stages and needs promoting and populating. The forum section would be your baby and you would revshare the adsense earnings with me only.

    1 jvip with coding skills to assist with adding new features / keep the site tidy and also assist with general promotion - you will get revshare on the homepage and one ad in the side bar.

    3 writers - keep fresh content pouring into the site to keep those visitors coming - you will get revshare on the blog post pages. you would be required to write one or two articles today based on the latest trending topics from twitter and google. You will also get an authors page which you can edit and add your own ads to as you wish.

    the site is earning between 20 and 60 dollars per day and is registered with google news and has a great deal of backlinks from various high pr sites. around 90% of the traffic is either organic or from google news.


    The junior vips must be trustworthy (goes without saying really) and must be active bhw members giving something back to the community.

    The writers must provide previous work examples and must write in perfect english.

    Tell me if im asking to much for too little here guys and maybe i can come up with something else.