looking 4 Movie, Tv, Incentive traffic, Comment rate. Lets JV and Make some $$$$

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    Time to open up a few slots for JV with people as I got alot of free time back on my hands.

    Do you have Movie Traffic or TV Traffic, Lets JV. I been in this niche for years and know how to get the most out of the traffic.

    Alright what I am looking for is someone who can push traffic to my movie site, what I offer is a 50/50 split, All you have to do is push the traffic. I handle the site, converting the traffic ETC ETC. I can payout every 2 weeks.

    I can monetize most countries and at a high epc, I do not use PPD lockers or low epc incentive networks that shave like crazy, I create my pool of offers from multiple networks and monitor the Conversion % daily to stay ahead of the curve. If you choose to JV with me I can guarantee you, you will learn some vital information and pretty sure you will earn more then what you are with the same traffic!

    If you already have a movie site/TV site and are monetizing with some PPD locker or some incentive network ready made locker, I can pretty much guarantee you are doing yourself a dis-service. Lets jv and Let me take over the Monetizing of your site, their are multiple way we can go about this and will discuss further with serious individuals over skype.

    the same applies to Incentive traffic but I don't deal with all incentive traffic, gaming codes, ebooks, downloads are fine but no Paid to sign up traffic. So if you have some incentive traffic or incentive site that not movie or TV related we can JV with that aswell. Reach out to me to further discuss.

    Also if you can rate multiple comments up, let JV. I got the plan strategy, you just implement it and I turn that into money and we split. I done this method before and it works I just cant comment rate.

    So lets JV and make money, Those who are interested PM me or reply here. I am dead serious, I done JV's before here am a Reputable member and been here for years! with no incidents. Serious people only please, Dont come trying to troll my thread. I am looking for longterm Jv'er, This is not the only thing I do and once we build a relationship we can potentially JV into other ventures.
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