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Dec 24, 2008
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Hello mates!

Today, I was trying to create a way to build a network of Auto-Blogs, but 100% free...

So I created this plan (lol):

1- Create an account in a good freewebhost (like 000webhost, I like them), create a fcking niche sub-domain and install the WP using the Fantastico...

2- Create a free domain with the .co.cc (looks better than the other sub-domain)

3- Install any Auto-Content-Generator u want

4- Install the plugins

5- Put AdSense codes (or whatever u want :suspicious:)

6- Gratz! Sit down and wait profits

Ok, forget the 6-...

If everyday you create 4 or 5 auto-blogs like this, in 2-3 months you can have a good income every day (You aren't going be millionaire, but u can pay the bills =D)

Waiting replys =P
isnt this what the normal concept of autoblogs are and co.cc wont affect google ranking you i hear
I dont think it will work because by placing adsense ur hoping for some organic traffic that will click ur ads but by using .co.cc I dont think u will ever have any organic traffic!
Great idea. I would swap the Adsense plugin with the Kontera plugin though. Recently its been kicking butt vs my adsense.

Although usually I use both :p
Sorry, I thought it is useless:
1. No organic traffic on it (you have double content).
2. You have to adv this domains, at list in the scuttle sites.
3. I did this, and I got banned from google, 50 domains all I have 65 WP projects.
you can also use some adbrite and yahoo ppc, just mix it upo a bit.

and co.cc are LOCAL domains, you willo only be ranking in cocos islands area.
in that earea only live like 5 people who never heard of something like internet. so not much traffic (only trafic they know are donkyes and kanoos). at the very least buy a .info.
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and co.cc are LOCAL domains, you willo only be ranking in cocos islands area.
in that earea only live like 5 people, so not much traffic.

that made me spill my coffee.LOL.
nice one made my day
yeah, i edited a bit though.
but please people, only use those free domains if you want to redirect youtube traffic or something.
for that its perfect. i think co.cc sounds much better then .info, but for ranking, please stay away from them.
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