Look ing for a few who have ebooks that want to make money

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    So I've been a member of this forum for a few weeks now and I can close it down. There is always something new to read and being a newbie I'm just sucking it all in. I haven't posted much because... well. I haven't had anything to offer yet and I didn't want to show my ignorance.

    BUT! I going to take action now. I'm sure its not unique but I think I'll make some money off of it and I wanted to share.

    I'm writing an ebook for total beginners on how to start making money online. It will be totally for newbies based on what I've learned here.

    I believe I'm qualified to write the book based on the fact that I'm still fresh on what newbies don't know.

    My concept is to "sell" this book online for $20 and include a free website template (as I am a web designer by trade) I have over 1200 templates to share. Anyway My main plan is to include all my collected affiliate kinks as "recommended" starting points. Since the majority of my money will be made with these links I'm going to Upload the book/site package onto rapidshare and give it away on forums as if I'm not the author but rather someone just sharing files.

    I want to include a section for advanced techniques by recommending other ebooks by those with much more experience than I.

    This is where you come in. If you have an ebook and would like to be included in my "tried and tested advanced methods" section Please pm me with an affiliate link. I will add only 5.

    I would prefer members of higher standing in the BHW community as I have learned the most from them and would like to give back by promoting thier books.