Longterm Investment In Facebook

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    I have been thinking about putting a considerable amount of money in facebook as soon as possible after IPO. Longterm, I am talking about holding and increasing your positions for few years.

    I have followed all the recent .com IPOs and have done good enough research to make a sound decision to stay out.

    Groupon isnt gonna work
    Angieslist, yelp, linkedin are not worth investing in either.

    Most of us know the basics of SEO and understand how its evolving. Some of the old timers have seen all the changes that have happened in the past decade. Google is the heart of the internet and we can see how important social networking is becoming, both for Google and for internet in general.

    I have made a good amount of money holding Google and Amazon after IPOs but havent had a chance to ride the full wave.

    Putting the revenue, accounting, management and other important considerations on side and thinking just from the NEED of Facebook in the future of Internet. What do you guys think is the value of the company?

    How many would agree that facebook is here to stay and grow?
    How many of you think Facebook will follow the pattern of Google?

    Lets start a discussion and hear both side of arguments.