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    I don't know if anyone on here is an active moneymaking cloaker or not. I'd suppose that if anyone is making coin with cloaks they wouldn't reveal their science to others publicly anyway. But I've got a couple of questions I'll throw out there and maybe a cash counting cloaker can help a fellow out.

    My first question is about longtail cloaking. I don't understand how a cloak site can be established around a longtail, when what you mostly hear in cloak market speak is "build 1000's of pages as quickly as 123". A longtail is offbeat by nature with few searches for it, in comparison to its more popular family members, so how can you build 1000s of pages around any one longtail?

    My second question is about cloaking popularity. Personally despite the marketing I don't see any cloaked websites currently ranking well on g00gle for monetized terms. Several years ago there were many, but right now I can't find any, unless the redirected urls are also being cloaked, which I don't think they are. On the other hand I see page jackers for some viagra related longtails. Considering the good money made in viagra affiliation, I'd assume those guys would cloak if cloaking worked for them. But they're not. They're using a different technique. So is cloaking really alive and well?

    Any clarification or guidance is appreciated.
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    Yes, I know im a noob on here. To be successful with cloaking you go to look for niches and dominate the keywords related to the niche. You create 1,000s of pages for the niche along with the longtail keywords since they probably bring in some coin also. We all know niche product's keywords are less competitive.

    For popularity I see it all the time. I think cloakers have just done a better job at hiding their pages. It once was a time where you could go to google and type in a search query and tell exactly that a page was created by a certain cloaking software. Not saying you cant now, but it is a tad bit harder. Viagra page jacking is popular because there are so many people selling as affiliates. There are probably more affiliates selling viagra than there are search queries for certain longtail terms related to viagra. It's too competitive in my eyes.

    Hoped this helped my friend.
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    1. Get a content generator like YACG/RSSGM.
    2. Build a huge keyword list by wordtracker/freewordtracker. If you're using freewordtracker. This is where you get the longtails.
    3. Cloak to a sales letter/adsense page.