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Longer Domain Names - Is 15-20 character too long?

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by twisted_one, Oct 23, 2009.

  1. twisted_one

    twisted_one Regular Member

    Oct 11, 2009
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    Let?s say for example that I am planning to buy a COM domain based on niche XYZ. Now,

    • The domain name contains the complete niche?s keyword XYZ in it
    • There is one more word added to it at the end (a 4-5 letter word)
    • There is also a number 101 at the end of that four letter word.

    For example say if the niche is web developments, the domain I am planning to buy is something like webdevelopmentTUTS101.com

    What do you think about such kind of domains? Are they too long? Are they Search engine friendly (because it has the keyword in it anyway)?

    PS: Pleas do not comment about the niche as it is just an example. May your comments be inclined more towards the domain name analysis.

    Thanks for your time!
  2. seomedia

    seomedia Registered Member

    Mar 18, 2009
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    London, UK
    I would prefer hyphenated URLS over the "TUTS101" at the end, it's less memorable adding extra things on the end, and you can probably rank for the keywords with at least a couple of hyphens in there for your niche, as the guys who bagged up the good URLs probably don't partake in this forum.

    Take "web-development-tuts.com" or even "web-dev-tuts.com" - running with your given example.

    Also here's a great trick for URL harvesting I watched a You-Tube video on it but can't damn well find it... Anyway here goes my text explanation:

    1: Go to Google Adwords tool and enter your niche keyword and the captcha:

    It'll list all of your related keywords, as you all know already...

    click Local "Search Volume September" or global, so it searches your keyword list by search volume, whichever is more specific to your project.
    (you'll see why later)

    Download the keywords as text and open them in a notepad file straight away, then go here:

    Copy all of your keywords into the box and tick ".com" obviously you can select what you want here, but I'd go .com 1st and then .net (unfortunately I can't select .co.uk as that is the next most relevant for me)

    Click "Search" you don't need to edit a thing on the keyword list, the tool will do that for you, after a few seconds you'll get your list of available domain names, but also they're sorted by traffic volume for the URL keyword ;) (as this is what we sorted them by before).

    Hope this helps,

    Thanks ;)
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