Long Term Sustainability Of Automatimg Social

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    Hi All,

    Have been working in marketing online for over 6 years now and have built some very successful but always been a lurker on BHW!

    My post relates to social strategy in using 2016s much more complex social algorythhms...

    I understand that the best way to grow any social account for longevity is organically (no bots) with great content however we know that by using bots we can grow accounts faster.

    For instance, if you already have a Facebook page with say 100k (real likes) that struggles with organic reach but you use automatic Facebook post likes and shares to gain traction from Facebooks slow algorithm, do you believe this really tricks Facebook into believing the post is more popular, boosting its organic reach or is something undetectable going on to us that is actually damaging our reach without us realising.

    I was interested to know if anyone has any real good insights on this and if it genuinely works as it's hard to split test - is botting the initial likes / shares to gain traction with real users a proven method?

    We have all seen pages like UNILAD and Ladbible that get a HUGE amount of engagement and have grown uncontrollably - did these pages employ these snowballing methods do you thin or were there other methods at work?

    I have a theory that due to Facebook knowing who it displays it's content to that technically it knows that it has not shown that post to one of your fake likes so in the long run, although the post would look like it has a high amount of likes and shares it is actually subtly detected by facebook and does not have a good impact.

    If anyone can provide more insight or experience with this I would love to know.