Long Term Joomla Service Providers Needed - 40+ Projects to Start

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    Good Day! I appreciate your interest.

    We are Looking for Long Term Relationship, Or may be Life Time Partnership with The BEST Joomla Service Providers.

    We Prefer :

    - Full Time Providers
    - Companies
    - Experienced
    - We Prefer Both Designers & Developers together. May be a Company with both people or a Person with Both Skills.

    We Don't Prefer :

    - Part Time People
    - Newbies (Learners)

    We want the Service Provider to Provide :

    - Best Customer Support
    - Professional Documentation
    - Daily Email Updates
    - High Quality Design & Development
    - Friendly & Flexible

    What Joomla! Projects we have :

    Joomla Designing, Development, Customization, Module, Component, Plugin Developments, Etc,.

    Any Projects in Hand?

    Around 40 Projects to start. 12 High Priority & 6 Urgent/Immediate. More Projects on the way for the selected teams.

    Steps to Join Us :

    1) Go to http://bit.ly/japplication & Fill the Application.
    It Hardly takes 2-3 Minutes. All applications are added to database for us to keep records, Manage and Contact.
    2) At the end of the Application, You are given Link to Projects to Quote with Documents and details with readme file for instructions.
    3) You have the Rules of the Company Document to know the Standards below. Read and Understand.
    4) You are given Contact Information to Contact by Email & Messenger at the end. (Please do it After the Above Process or incase you have doubts. We prefer ones who follow the steps perfectly.)

    Note : We don't Check Personal Messages or Replies to Thread. Please use the above System to apply.

    Incase you are struck in the above steps, Please contact [email protected].

    All the Best & Thanks in Advance!

    With Regards,
    E.Karnika Yashwant.