Long term ebayer permanent suspension, need advice on stealth

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Clatey, May 27, 2014.

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    Basically had 3-4 ebay accounts indefinitely suspended over the past few days, over 75000 feedback and 6 years, I'm going to try a stealth acc
    This is uk

    - I'm buying a new PC and am with bt broadband who's ip seem to change all the time

    - I have new address and phone number I can use where my son lives, this address or phone number has never been used on ebay before as they have just moved there , but I have been on my now suspended ebay account at their address , I will be able to confirm PIN numbers receive Mail there etc

    I am opening a new high street or online bank account this week, will this have to be in a different address from the suspended address?
    Will it be ok to use my middle name but same surname as before?

    What else am I missing not doing correct
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    Jan 5, 2013
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    To answer your questions, the only thing in regards to a bank account that needs to change is the account number. So opening a new account is fine, it doesn't matter if it has your banned address on it because the bank doesn't share any information with Paypal. Just as long as the address on your eBay and Paypal accounts are different from your banned address then you're fine.

    Name variations (middle name + surname as you suggested, or you can use a misspelling of your name) are perfectly fine as well.